File and Asset Management

FotoMagico is great, so great I rely on it in last-minute situations where I work up until the last minute before major presentations. As a consequence, all my placed video and photo assets are linked from locations all over my storage systems.

What I really, really need in FotoMagico is a File menu command to gather or package a presentation along with copies of all linked assets that have been imported into the project.

This feature would make it simple to cleanup projects the morning after a big presentation push, making sure everything was neatly organized and readily accessible when I need to revisit a project a year later, oftentimes after it has been moved to a new volume or into a new directory, which is a disaster for locating linked files.

BTW - Desktop publishing apps, which also make extensive use of referenced external files, have long provided commands to “gather” or “package” files along with all the assets that have been linked or embedded.