Feedback on first testing

I’ve downloaded version 5.Ob32 and I’m still on Yosemite.
During first manipulations I was lost and couldn’t find back some of my working habits. As days past ( I started testing some three days ago )most of the initial problems disappeared.
As such, I find this new version quite promising, the new lay-out is attractive (as we can come back to the classis version, this is a plus), the snippets are working well - although I did not yet test all of them) and should allow more creativity in future.

So far, I have not encountered no problems or bugs. Now, I understand that those having already implemented "EL Capitan " are facing some serious issues, which I hope Boinx will rapidly fix as I intend also to move to " El Capitan ".

I’ll continue testing.

Yes, I loaded FM 4.6.3 and 5.0b32 on both of my wife’s computers (iMac desktop and MacBook Pro laptop) and they seem to be running fine (the beta as far as can be expected) under Yosemite. But I moved to OS X 10.11 (El Capitan) a few weeks ago on MY MacBook Pro and BOTH FM versions have caused me problems. The guys at Boinx appear to be working on it as best they can…

From additional testing, being still on Yosemite,I encountered no problems in using some of the snippets, however the effective use of some are not that evident. I assume that as practice will go on you shall have to learn how effectively to work with those.
However, I encountered a hang and a crash problem. The first one was related when I tried to save my work and change the title of the document. The crash was affected when trying to use a specific audio file from iTunes. Although it did work with a couple of other audio files from iTunes, but that one seems to fail. I try to send copies of hang and crash reports, but no popup window showed up asking to explain the problem. In version 4, if the application crashes, I’m always confronted with such popup window. Is this because it’s a beta version. If so how can we report a copy of a crash or hang problem?