Feature Suggestion: Layer Stack Groups, Group Sequencer

One “wall” I hit with BoinxTV was that it was difficult to manage large comps designed for multiple segments of a live production. I “dumbed it down” to pre-recording segments with their Boinx layers, then edit, and, well, re-recording the whole show kinda put a damper on things.

Looking at your new left-to-right flow, I have a suggestion for how the Layer Stack could evolve: LAYER STACK GROUPS. the Layer Stack could hold multiple compositions that we could “close” to hide their content… The closest analogy might be Apple’s Motion:

Here’s my suggestions:
– hide the contents of a Group by “closing” it
– drag Groups up and down in the stack (organize show order)
– Save/Load Groups (merge comps)
– Group Master On/Off so entire groups can be triggered with one button, master button accessible whether a group is “open” or “closed”.
– Name/Edit Groups add an icon, color background, etc to help differentiate groups

I was thinking Groups would be useful for organizing live segments (weather, interview, credits, etc) but now I think about it, if you can trigger groups on/off it means you can coordinate multiple start/stop events to work together, so it could lead to maybe Groups within Groups.

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