Feature Requests

After using mimoLive for a while, including at a few live events for my company, I’ve come up with a few things that should be added in order to make this program something that can really change the streaming game.


I need to be able to switch between scenes whether its a camera with a certain overlay and audio mixes or groups of videos with overlays. Regardless right now if I want to change the overall look of what is being sent out I have to hit the live button on a ton of different layers. If I get a scene or a grouping, We can make this a heck of a lot easier. Example of layout:

  • Scene 1
    – Overlay
    – Lower Third
    – Splash Mark
    – Audio 1
    – Camera Angle 1

  • Scene 2
    – Overlay
    – Different Lower Third
    – Audio 2
    – Camera Angle 2

Being able to not only toggle the scenes but individual sub layers would be fantastic.

This would be particularly useful for the Twitch Streaming community as we don’t have many robust streaming applications for Mac. We have OBS but its very linear to begin with and lacks many features of its Windows counterpart.

Read text input from file

Reading text from file I think is a no brainer. We need to be able to add a basic text layer and have it read from a file. This is especially useful for twitch streamers, but anyone that has data being updated from an outside source can easily integrate this into mimoLive if this feature is implemented.

I will update this thread as I find more things I think should be addressed. Ive been playing with it quite a lot in a live environment and seeing what does and doesn’t work well with this program. I would love to use mimoLive more but Ive been stuck using OBS due to some important features like scenes and read from text file.

Thanks for your feedback!

  1. Scenes: This is on our feature list! In the meantime: Did you know that you can assign the same keyboard short cut to many layers? With this it is possible to toggle the live state of multiple layers at once.

  2. Reading text from file: Is there a particular layer you wish to see reading text from a file? What if you could set a text fields content via a http request rather than saving it to a file?


Where is fonctionnality scene after 1 year ? This developpment is not finished ?

Thanks you very much


@“Oliver (Boinx)” have you a news for this function ?


We are sorry that we didn’t implement grouping of layers yet (and other interesting things coming from all users around the globe). Certainly we are working through our list of feature requests and will do our very best to prioritise them wisely. Grouping of layers is one of the top most wanted features.

Thank you for the answer @“Achim (Boinx)” I hope this function will happen soon. We are a lot of users to ask for it.


Bump for scene grouping request!


<< 1) Scenes: This is on our feature list! In the meantime: Did you know that you can assign the same keyboard short cut to many layers? With this it is possible to toggle the live state of multiple layers at once.

а) When i use one keyboard short for many layers it lag for start layers (especially when CPU load about 80-90%)

b) when multicam layers is on and i try to start placer with video via keyboard shot - it has laggy start, but if i click on live button fo placer - no lag. why?

@did Really the better way to do this is Remote Control Surfaces. You can use them in a local browser if you do not want to use them on an external tablet.

Oliver, thanks i’ll try it

But why keyboard shortcuts are lagging on my macbook keyboard?
i have CPU load ~80-90% and render mimolive monitor hasn’t yellow or red lines, everyone are green

bug report
remote control (via chrome/safari/ipad app) ipad mgp32ru (one of last models)

management through this is impossible. it hangs in a few seconds or stops listening to the tap.

I have 2 cameras (web usb + facetime). 8 mov videos in pkaylist + some titlу layers
it freeze after some second.

neither editing nor broadcasting is available

it is necessary to press the button back - to reconnect to a template and all the same remote works some times.

beta 3.0 + macbook 16 gb 2133 MHz LPDDR3 + MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2017, Four Thunderbolt 3 Ports) 3,5 GHz Intel Core i7

today I connected the control and tried to switch the layers to some layers - but at some point the mimolive completely went into uncontrolled freezing during facebook live, it came to end the broadcast by closing the laptop cover, because the fast did not listen to anything (((

I appreciated remote control as a convenient management tool (I even bought a separate iPad for this), but at the moment the control panel does not work at all as stated. Very slow response, often the keys do not listen to the presses, apparently the communication with mimolive

very very big lag for savings settings and refresh of live statuses of live

i turned off all previews but still laggy.
PLease repair communications between remote and mimo

bug of remote control (and in ipad chrome and safari amd ipad app)

  1. no scroll for “select target” (edit tile- > add action- select target)
  2. after change settings of tile: very long “saving” status (sometime timeless) - can tap only “back” and connect one more time
  3. tiles of titles, when choosed of “set off layer” (very offet do nothing)
  4. very long delays after tap for active tile (changing lower red line to nothing)

@did Thanks for your bug reports, we are going to look into them!