Feature requests: better handling of video sources/animation

1. Video source cue points
Currently video sources can be configured to:

  • play once
  • play once then freeze on last frame
  • loop

It would be great to introduce “play to cue point then pause” for videos. This would allow animations that pause at the cue point, and remain on screen at that frame, until triggered to play to the end.

This is useful for things like an animated text background. A single animation that pauses at the cue point could replace the current “Incoming” and “Outgoing” text transitions.

2. Separate background image loading delay from text appearing incoming delay

Currently the incoming delay affects both the background appearing and text at the same time. This means to have an animation play (e.g. the background of a score listing) you have to have 2 layers - the bottom layer is the animated background and the top layer is the text. This allows you to have no delay on the animation loading while delaying the text appearing.

3. Better/more layer events

This is more about layer triggers than video sources. Currently you can assign a keystroke to toggle a layer or layer variant - and that’s it. I would like to be able to assign keystrokes to on/off events, instead of the toggle. I know you can do this with the ipad control surface but I don’t use the remote control surface because mimoLive kept crashing during live broadcasts until I stopped using the control surfaces. I really really really would like to be able to know that hitting a button will turn off a bunch of layers.

The other thing I’d like to be able to do is trigger a layer on, wait a few seconds, turn it off, then trigger another layer on. I do this manually at the moment for scene changes. From one scene to the next I have images on screen that turn off, there might be a few seconds delay when the new scene loads (camera changes) and then I want a lower third to appear. Currently I have to do this manually; I want to be able to hit a “change scene” button that turns off layers, waits, then turns on others. Being able to script these sorts of things would open up a huge amount of possibilities for doing clever stuff with layers.