Feature Request

As at the last time I tried using mimolive long ago, I notice you have to choose your document frame size to match that of your camera.
I will like to request, incase it has not been done or no update about it yet,
**Can we have the option to do “FIT TO SCREEN” or “STRETCH to FIT”? this way no matter the document mismatch with the camera it will automatically adjust the feed to the proper document size.

Can you also make the CUSTOM section of the feed adjustment to be more flexible, I mean if I choose to adjust just the width of the feed or the height I should be able to do so since it says “custom”

Also I noticed when you adjust a feed in the document to use as a placer, those adjustment don’t reflect if you bring that same feed to the “Video Switcher Layer”. Instead it takes to the original size of the feed.
At least you can give us option to either use the edited feed which would have been added in as a Layer or use the direct feed.