Feature Request: use Syphon Sender output as video output source

I’m using mimoLive for different kinds of setups while always carrying the equipment to different places, for different customers with different needs. There are however some concepts which seem to tighten over time.
One of these setups requires sending two different video mixes:

  • one beeing the «content» (PowerPoint + some graphics elements) and
  • one beeing a live view of the «presenter/s»
    We use mimoLive to enrich/refine both video feeds.

Currently we need to use two documents to achieve this as both different video mixes (presenter view + content view) needs to be outputted to the streaming application (e.g. Zoom).
That’s ok, but it also requires us to use two control surfaces to handle all the layer settings, each for every document.

Now I’ve come across an idea which would solve it all and might be rather easy for you to implement:
Make the Syphon Video Sender signal selectable from within the video enabled Output Destinations.

This would make it possible to control multiple video mixes / layer stacks from within one document and output different mixes to different output destinations.
And: store all the relevant settings in and run the show from just one single document.
To me, it would definitively make mimoLive more versatile and handy to use.

@Oliver_Boinx : what are your thoughts on this?

Hi @Andy-R Sorry for the late response. Thanks for the feature request and the detailed information. On our todo list is a feature that would allow you to pick any place in the layer stack to choose as an output so that would be doing what you want.

I also think that it should be possible to do what you want by looping the Syphon Sender through a Syphon source in the same document to the output destination. It is a weird routing but should work. Please try and let me know.

Hi @Oliver_Boinx
Thanks for this idea! A first rough check on my local MacBook worked fine. Just need to test drive this in a regular setting with all cameras connected to the setup and see whether there’s a performance cost to this.
Do you have a rough estimation when this feature you mentioned, may be available in a release?

Sounds like a great option! As this will also send this layer to the destination in the project fomat, correct?

Yes, that should be the case.

Dear @Oliver_Boinx
Today we tested the setup using a Syphon Sender to Receive the Syphon signal from within the very same tvshow document. The goal is - as submitted with this feature request - to pass out and record two different videos from within the same document. Why? To control both via one single remote control panel.

Unfortunately your temporary solution does NOT work. Syphon sender does not send anything but black if it is completely overlapped of another layer - which in our scenario IS the case (background plus other layers on top) - on purpose.

So, may you please send me another solution to this and/or make Syphon Sender also send a signal even though it may be overlapped by other layers? Many thanks in advance.

Hi @Andy-R You’re correct, I saw the same behaviour when I tested the workaround after recommending it to you. My apologies for raising any hopes.

Some layers communicate to the layer stack that they cover up the entire screen. Historically, this was necessary to optimise performance by not drawing the layers that are covered up. This optimisation is of course no longer necessary so we will remove it asap.

It is also on our wish list to add the ability to control multiple documents from a single remote control surface. You can do that today by using Automation layers to forward commands to a secondary document, but that is very tedious.

I hope we will be able to provide a solution for you in time for you to keep using mimoLive.

Thanks for removing this asap.

And thanks for make Remote Control work for multiple documents.
I think even though there will be ways in the future to do crazy stuff from within one document, there always will be reasons to use multiple.
E.g. for better survey.

I’m looking forward to the next release or fix and hope it’ll follow soon. :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance from Switzerland,