Feature request - record layer

Greetings all. I’ve asked this in the beta group before but thought I would refresh my request. We’d like to be able to record to disk at a given layer that is different than the streamed data.

Our application is this. When streaming we often put up announcements about upcoming sessions, how to send in questions, occasionally we have to block out some of the content that can’t go public (usually video only), etc. We don’t want any of that on the permanent recording. It seems that setting a recording “layer”, really a point of recording in the layer stack would be appropriate. Default is top of stack of the layer is not present, otherwise record where the layer is inserted.

I’m not sure how this affects encoding resources, etc., but hardware can often be expanded.

It’s really painful to have to edit the stream “stuff” out in post production - and in most cases we have to be very careful about how we present it if we know it will be edited out later.


Hi Dean,

Thanks for the feature request. Actually, I think you might be able to do this using the Syphon Sender layer: Put the layer where your clean signal ends and use the Syphon recorder app (http://syphon.v002.info/recorder/) to record the video created by the layers below.

Great - that will work perfectly.

We’ll have to be very careful to make sure Syphon is recording since it’s a standalone application.

I browsed the Syphon forum and see that Syphon does not directly allow control communications with other applications like MiMo. It would be great if the Live button was a “record” button handshaking with Syphon just like in MiMo! A system-wide AppleScript/keystroke is not perfect because Syphon toggles record/stop with the same keystroke so perhaps I need to work with them, too.

I just realised you don’t even need Syphon recorder, you can just open a second mimoLive document and use the Syphon Source.

@“Dan Abrams” Duly noted.

Oliver - thanks. I’m just trying that out. I don’t see audio as part of Syphon. Is there a trick for synching audio or doe we just set an appropriayte delay on the recording document?

This approach is much more user friendly and buys lots of time to fully integrate a recording layer into MiMo Live! :wink: