Feature Request: Polling

FEATURE REQUEST – Vidpresso (https://www.vidpresso.com/) is an NYC based competitor to MimoLive which is much more expensive but offers some key features that MimoLive, Wirecast etc are missing. The ability to create/display live polls is a great way to engage the audience. You can see several examples of this on Vidpresso’s site. We would like to know if Boinx intends to introduce polling and if so, do you have an ETA for this?

Thanks in advance for your response.

@"-- j.®ay" Thank you for the feature request. This is something we definitely want to add in the future. No ETA.

Thanks for the reply to both posts. Obviously I’d prioritise the Facebook Comments. I’m sure you’re familiar with the Graph API which allows calls for all the required elements via PHP, Ruby etc. I’m not a developer so I don’t know how C++ interfaces with Graph, but I guess that might be the question to answer. Good luck! MimoLive is off to a great start and many of the techs with whom I work seem to prefer it.


I can tell you a calculation method for the votes. I recently tested the LiveStudio solution from Telescope (Wirecast). It is very powerful but very expensive to use. However I can tell you how it works.
To count votes, a question must be asked in a form. Then answers as #hashtag. To count the votes, readers’ comments must be formulated with the #hashtag corresponding to the questions.

Example: 2 Comments with #Zidane will give 2 votes.

I hope that this solution will help you to develop the module more easily hoping to see it arrive very soon.

See you soon

@“Oliver (Boinx)” have you a news for this function ?


@“Oliver (Boinx)” You don’t respond about my question ?

Wait your news
Thanks you