Feature Request - Please allow us to group layers

So various graphic elements can be toggled all at once without binding it to the same key. It would also help reduce clutter in the layer stack.

Also, on the same subject, allowing us to create folders on the sources list would help massively! It’s really a mess if you have lots of elements.

@Blackjack Thanks for using mimoLive and for posting your feature requests.

The Layer groups thing is constantly on our mind but is much more complex than you might think. But we think we are getting closer to a good model.

The Source folders are actually available in 4.1b1 which is already available for download. I would appreciate any feedback regarding this feature.

Hey Blackjack,

I found a work around. I use the remotecontrol button and open up my scene on their web app. Then I create a button with my initial layer and then I edit that button adding another layer. I then select them to toggle live status at the same time. That was how I figured out a work around! Hope it helps!

@“Jeff Anthony” Thanks for adding this. Indeed that is what I also recommend for controlling several layers at once. The Remote Control Surfaces are a very powerful tool.

It would be great in Mousepose if the keyboard shortcuts could appear on the second monitor as well as the primary monitor when using a dual monitor set up. Is this possibile to do currently or to add as a feature? It sure would help with presentations.