Feature Request - Multiple Virtual cameras from one camera source

Would love to have the same feature as the MEVO Plus camera. It is 4K camera, but the software allows it to have different shots assigned as separate cameras.


So, with mimoLive we could probably have the same function since it is a software feature on MEVO.

Imagine having a two 4K cameras in mimoLive and having 10 different preset shots with those two cameras but available on the switcher independently.

Killer feature to have available.

You can do it with placer! Just use Zoom and XY position ! make some the layers and use hotkeys to change!

True, and I have used Placer for that specific function for many years, but it is not the ideal multi-camera solution. Would be a lot better if each “cropped area” was treated as a separate video source (virtually) so that it could be used on any of the video layers, like the “switcher”

Here is some mimoLive magic:

Create a document and add your camera as source.
Use the Follow layer to do the virtual camea.
Play out as Syphon.
Make a second document.
Add a Syphon Source and capture the output of the first document.
Use in any layer you want.