Feature Request: i/o multiple sources

As in todays stream suggested, 'd need something like this:

  1. Recording:
    I want to record several video and audio sources as one combined Recording. For Audio this already works. (audio output destination) But I want to save a 4k (and later 8k) video feed, which contains a grid of up to 4 1080p sources, or a grid of 9 sources in “lower” resolution. (later in 8k and a huger grid for 1080p or 720p of each sub feed)

  2. Output:
    I want to output a grid of 4 or 9 sources to a black magic output, to use one channel to record 4 (or 9) in 4 (and later in 8k) video streams with an external recorder, or to bring it into another instance of mimoLive through SDI on an other computer.

  3. Input:
    In analogy to section 2, I’d need a split-input-source, which is able to seperate the 4/9 sub-videos from the grid. Audio Channels could be grabbed by using the audio-only source.

All of this could help to transmit more than one video over only one channel. And mimoLive could help to save money for additional hardware investments. When the target is a 1080p production, one 4k transmition could contain cam 1, 2, 3 and PGM out and certainly all audio: channel 1 and 2 PGM out, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and so on: the seperated audio. (I think that the blackmagic-equipment supports 16 channels.) - less cables/infra structure, but more to submitt.

With a setup like this, more then one mac could be used to calculate/render/preprocess whatever, and the - currently - bmd HDMI quad recorder could grabb 4*4 sub-video-channels in 1080p. = 16 !! video channels.

What do you think?