FEATURE REQUEST for Inputting multiple variants

I do a lot of shows that have 60-100 lower third Names/Titles. I’d love to be able to off-load the inputting to someone NOT familiar with Mimo. I believe a spreadsheet style (EXCEL) document would be ideal for this. Perhaps an import feature in Mimo that takes the spreadsheet, reads the column descriptions and inputs the data. ie. Layer, Variant Name, Name, Title, Font, Font color/size, etc. Would be a real WINNER.


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yes! it would be great

You can do this with the API already. There is a tutorial somewhere (I think on the last boinx youtube video) about how to create a simple webpage (no server required, can be just a local file) to allow those not familiar with Mimo Live to dynamically change labels etc using a simple webpage.

I saw the video but don’t recall what you’re speaking about. A link would be very helpful. Thanks in advance.

Take a look at this:

Using this type of functionality, I could see having a series of webpages created that are simply clicked on on the day of the show. Those web pages could be manually created of course, but probably more easily, if you have someone with some python, perl (or any scripting) knowledge to ingest a CSV output from an excel file and create the webpages dynamically.

Hello everyone,

I managed to create my own “Lower Thirds Updater” using Keyboard Maestro.

The macro uses a similar approach to the one @Achim_Boinx presented in the previously embedded video (as soon as I click on OK, it updates the corresponding text fields in mimoLive using API requests).

By the way, given I only had a maximum of 12 fields to update, I’m using Keyboard Maestro’s standard “Prompt for User Input” action to display this dialog box. I understand that this may not be the best way to solve @lorcott’s problem, since all the fields would be displayed in a single column. However, Keyboard Maestro also has a “Custom HTML Prompt” action which is way more customizable and could be used to build a matrix of data fields.

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wow that looks great!

I need to find someone good in HTML and JS to come up with some custom scripting for my needs :slight_smile: