Feature request: Expose Facebook details from livestream in Quartz so it can be used w/ GraphQL

As a Quartz Composer user
I want to use the Facebook Auth token and postid in Quartz
So I can query the GraphApi from facebook for additional info

For example in this use case:

(download: https://berl-share.s3.amazonaws.com/mimo/FB_Reactions.qtz.zip)


btw: <3 the product! keep up the good work!

Currently we are not exposing the access token because Facebook has a strict rate limit on how often an app can call them. If we would expose the access token and your (or some malicious) composition is calling Facebook to often, all mimoLive users will be banded from streaming to Facebook for some time. As a workaround you can create your own app at https://developers.facebook.com and request an access token via a web form.


Btw: You need to add a “Pulse” patch between your pulsing clock and the “Update Signal” input of the JSON Importer patch because otherwise the patch reloads the request a couple of times within one second you specified by floor() in the Math Expression “clock” patch. (Those are the things that causes rate limits at Facebook :wink: )