Feature request, default layer mode in set

My projects have a lot of layers and layer variants, all controlled by layer sets (and the control pad). Each time I add a new layer, I need to go through all the existing layer sets and one by one set the mode from to off for the newly added layer. But, maybe there is something I’m missing. It would be nice if there was a preference setting to automatically assign the layer visibility in a newly created set to NoAction/Live/Off/ForcedOff instead of not assigning anything.


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OH good idea, really

I’ve experienced this same frustration both with new layers and layers that I have substantially changed. An even better way (IMHO) would be a way would be able to select a layer, and then modify the behaviour of multiple layer sets for that one layer. Sort of the reverse of what is currently being done where you can modify multiple layers from the layer set, instead modify multiple layer sets from a layer.

Agreed! That would be a nice solution.

Please not automatically. :slight_smile:

  1. Automatic adding something to existing LayerSets would brick all my former configured LayerSets. Working against this automatic mode, would drive me crazy.

  2. But anything like this could help out, and I’m sure that this would be very useful for all: some kind of multiselection of LayerSets, right click, and at the context menu:

  • Assign Layer to selection
    – as no action / off / force off
    — on:
    ---- LayerVariant
    ----- (default)
    ----- (all other variants as rest of the list)
  1. I wish there could be an add empty set option, between “+” and “-”, maybe represented by “o”, also.

Maybe a clarification on the feature request will help narrow the scope. By automatic I mean via a setting in preferences set by the user. The preference can be an off/on switch along with a listbox for on values. When ‘on’ then a newly added layer takes the value set by the user when it is added to existing layer sets. As an example, I have 30+ layer sets, so adding a new layer means opening many layer sets and changing the new layer from to ‘off’. If the preferences setting, for newly added layers to layer sets is set ‘off’, then nothing is done to any existing layer sets and they remain null. Only if the preference is set to on is a value chosen by the user (No action/live/off/force off) assigned to the newly added layer. That way nothing would be touched with JoPhi’s example layer sets if the pref was off, and gives an option for others. Just a ‘pregnant idea’. Does that explanation make sense?

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Was clear from the first moment. It was not an example of layer sets, it was an example of a context menu, which could help quicker. Instead of one click to open, at least one click to edit and one click to close (for each of your layer sets) it would be great to simply multiselect these sets where it should be set to whatever + right click, then select a layer/or variant and then asign as no action, off, forceoff or “on”.

Default value is - as i know - currently “no action”, after adding a new layer.

CMD+A could help to select all layerSets.