Feature Request: consistent options for transitions

dear wonderful Boinx team,
we need a consistent experience about transitions everywhere in mimoLive.

right now each layer has a mix of choices and limited options.
one example above all: in the LowerThird layer, you can select a “Push” incoming transition, but it will only come up from the bottom and there are no options for left/right.
but in the same layer, the “Text” has push options for left and right.
if you mix these behaviours, it’s not an useful combination, and anyway the options as designers for live events are very limited.

What we need is:

  • a complete overall list of the usual transitions as in all the editing softwares (wipes, pushes, whatever)
  • each transition should be available regardlessly of the layer selected, e.g. they should be available at an application level, not on a layer level
  • each transition should offer plenty of options when it comes to the configuration (so start/end options, directions, softness, duration, etc.)
  • for moving transitions, having an option for the motion blur would be awesome (so the result would be more smooth) and with options for setting the number of steps in order to balance GPU load or smoothness

Any other inputs from the mimo users?
waiting to hear your comments, I’m sure I’m forgetting something else :slight_smile:


If Boinx is in fact doing a custom rewrite of the entire compositing engine - as they have indicated, and are removing Quartz Composer, I would think that all transitions would need to be reworked anyway. Seems like as good a time as any to make them as uniform as possible.

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Basically I agree to all of this. Thx for the summary!

A preview for combined filters would be great. Also switch on/off for filters on the fly. :heart:
And at the forum, a feature-request-section would be awesome! :heart:


I would LOVE to have masking capability in ALL LAYERS!!!