Feature Request: Advanced Playlists

The more I use it, the more I like it!
The Playlist can be a package like the Sports Graphics package.

  1. In each file of the Playlist the possibility of activating layers according to need: For example, if it is an advertising video, deactivate logo layer; or if it is a music video activate logo layer and Playlist Visualizer.
  2. If the file is only audio, activate a specific layer of an image / animation / video.In this way we can combine videos and audios in a single playlist.
  3. Get a variable of the duration time of a playlist, this variable to use it in an Automation layer. This opens the possibility of automating a playout for several days or weeks.
  4. Selection of the playback range, with In point and Out point in each file.

Thank you for your work at MimoLive.

Hi @armandeinsec Thanks for using mimoLive and for reaching out in the forum with this excellent feature request(s) which we will of course consider. I’m happy to hear that you like mimoLive!

For future readers of this thread, a couple of comments that are not meant to invalidate the feature requests but to help people find a workable solution right now:

Case 1 and 2 can already be accomplished with the Automation layer. It’s a bit complicated but manageable.
Case 3 is an excellent point and you’re not the first to request this. I’m sure it will be added at some point in the future.
Regarding point 4: The regular video source already has a feature to set in and out point but it is a bit hidden. You have to find the settings wheel inside the video thumbnail bottom right corner.