Feature request - 6 camera video switcher or multiple preview windows

I would like a 6 camera switcher layer, with syphon transmit preview.

I think that maybe 4 is ok, but sometimes I need to have more than 4 sources instant preview.

Another possible solution to my request, is the the option to have the layer preview window fixed once it is open.
I mean, when I maximize the 1º layer preview, if I click in 2º layer, the maximized preview goes to the 2º layer.
The possibility to open multiple maximized layer preview windows, would be really cool!

  1. Once we thought three SD cameras is way enough a computer is able to handle. In the meantime the computer hardware has become a lot faster, so that a New MacPro can handle six 1080p inputs. So, yes, it should be possible and we will think about it.

  2. This is a long feature request and we also considering implementing it. However this is more complicate because this is heavily going to impact the render performance thats why we haven’t done it yet. We need to have a good concept to let the user open multiple previews of different layers and at the same time make sure that the program out don’t stall due to heavy render load in the graphics card.


Or maybe, 1 “special” layer with fixer preview window…

I’d like to second the ability to have one layer “fixed” as a floating preview layer (same use case - ATEM preview layer). I would be OK with this layer having a lower resolution (or an option to set a lower resolution) to ease the preview burden if that helps.