Feature Request 4K VIrtual Multicam

Just wondering if anyone has requested this in the past. When shooting video for recodings and production I often use a stationary 4K camera. Then in post when editing I set up a bunch of different camera angles, zooms etc from the single source footage to make it look like a multi camera shoot.

With MimoLive and 480, 540 or 720 output for streaming you could have some great results with this same technique even if you are pulling in 1080. I did a test run in mimoLive with a stationary GoPro camera but you have to set up each angle in a separate placer in the layer stack, so you have no preview of the other cameras.

Just wondering if a new layer template can be made called Virtual Video Switcher which allows multiple crop, zoom, pan from a single camera to make it look like a multi camera shoot. This would be an great feature for panel discussions and interviews.

I also noticed this is what Livestream is doing with their new Mevo camera.


I just want to add my stamp of approval on this feature request!

Thanks for the feature request. As a matter of fact, we do have something in the pipeline.

That’s great news!

Hello. I’m curious if the deskew filter was the solution Oliver referenced above. We love the deskew filter and thank you for that. It does permit one to crop a video signal, so could possibly be used for the feature request that Sheldon made above. It’s quite cumbersome to set up, however. The deskew filter by design is for altering the aspect ratio, but if there were an option to crop while holding the aspect ratio, it would be possible to use the filter to set up sources for a “virtual switcher” and meet Sheldon’s request.

Just got a 4K USB Logitech Brio for testing. The idea is that we add a pan and zoom feature to the video source and you’d set up a couple of video sources using the same camera with different pan and zoom settings. How does that sound?

That sounds about right. I can see a use where I have a higher resolution camera as a wide shot angle of an interview and then being able to “punch in” for a close up via digital crop.

Sounds great to me! Will the pan/zoom be dynamic or static? Hopefully dynamic with a joystick like control.