Failure to export to Apple TV3/iTunes

I am trying to export a Fotomagico file (called ‘OzTitles’) to Apple TV3. I clicked on the ‘Share’ button, chose Apple TV, selected Apple TV 3 and the resolution (720p). After selecting the file destination etc., I started the export. My file is only small at this stage (12 slides) because this is the first time I’ve used Fotomagico 4 to export and this was a test.

The export proceeds well until, right at the end of the compression process, I get a dialogue box which says “OzTitles is damaged and can’t be opened. You should move it to the Trash” It also says “This file was downloaded on an unknown date”

In fact, Fotomagico seems to move the file automatically to the Trash. When I retrieve it from the trash the Quicktime file seems undamaged and plays without a problem. Is this a bug in Fotomagico 4 because I never had the same problem with Fotomagico 3?

My guess is that the exported movie file got a undefined quarantine flag by the MacOS when we creating the export file. After exporting FotoMagico is sending the file to iTunes in order to give you the opportunity to move it on to your AppleTV. The MacOS system checks every file that should be open by an application for its original source and in your case it may fail on this and tells you that the file is corrupted and you shouldn’t use it (move it to the trash).

Those quarantine flags are set automatically by the MacOS system and we have no control over this process. Anyways, we heard from customers that they where able to solve quarantine flags issues by deleting the FotoMagico app and downloading it again from our website (if they bought it from FastSpring) or re-installing the app using the Mac App Store (if bought through Apple). This reinstalling of the app helps to get a new quarantine flag setting for the app itself (clean) and so all the files generated by this trusted source are also treated as clean by the MacOS.

Apple introduced a new technology called “Sandboxing” which means that the app itself can only access certain parts on hard disc in order to protect user data from malicious software. In FotoMagico 4 we adopted this technology and it turns out that it has some side effects.

Many thanks for your helpful comments. I bought Fotomagico 4.1 through the Mac App Store. I will delete it and re-instal from the App Store then let you know what happens when I export.

I’m having a similar issue with the version of FM that recently came with Toast Pro when I try to export a slideshow (250 photos plus audio) as HD Video/Movie. It just crashes without a specific error message. Just tells me to contact software vendor. Any thoughts?

@DVDJR: Please contact support(at) with reference to this forum post and ask for the procedure for sending in export logs. Crashing while export can have many reasons which we have to investigate closer.

Many thanks to Achim for his comments. I did as he said (Jan 24) and deleted Fotomagico from my machine and then re-installed it. Magically, the problem with sending to Apple TV3 has gone away!!