Fading the audio track

I’ve tried using the FM fade transition to fade my audio track, but it doesn’t work well. I end up taking my audio into Amadeus Pro and doing it there. Can this be improved, or am I missing something?


Bye R@y

We’re currently working on some major improvements regarding audio handling, so you will see changes here. Because of the complexity this will take some more time, but we definitely know that this be achieved better.

The audio fade is using the same duration as the visual fade. At the moment you cannot decouple the audio transition from the visual transition (e.g. use a different duration), but this feature is planned for a future release to give you more flexibility.

For now, you have to mix your audio in an external editor if the built-in audio transitions do not meet your requirements.

I’ve tried to mix the audio in GarageBand and export it in MP3. I’ve obtained a 11:54’ mp3 file, but when I try to import this audio file in my FM project, the audio results much longer (13:05). Why? All the slideshow, now, is out of sync! And the behavior of the slideshow is very strange: the audio sync listen in preview mode is different then listen in fullscreen mode…! :frowning:

I can confirm this problem with the audio duration when edited in an external program compared to FM.