PhFacebook error 500.)Cant stream anymore,
this is what comes on the screen
Any help i will be very grateful

@“Chos Mann” Sorry to hear about the troubles. This probably means that the authorization has expired. Please try this:

  • Log out of Facebook in all your browsers and in mimoLive (Preferences->Accounts->Facebook)
  • Log in again in mimoLive.

If this is not enough, try to remove mimoLive from the authorized apps in Facebook. To do this, log into your Facebook account from your browser, use the little down arrow menu at the top right corner of the Facebook page and select “Settings”, find "Apps in the left column, then find mimoLive in the list of “Logged in with Facebook” and remove it. Then log in again from mimoLive->Preferences->Accounts->Facebook.

Let me know if this worked.