Facebook stream seems to just run out of broadcast


I can start a live stream to FB ok, after about 3 or so minutes, the encoder status is “encoder is way too slow” and just never carries on or starts up again. Stream status is OK.

Just wondering whether it is my macbook or my Internet connection or FB? Any ideas where to look. Sometimes if I click the stream off and on real quick after I see it stop on FB it starts up and lasts about the same time all over again.



Hi Pete,

“Stream Status: OK” means that everything that the video encoder creates is streamed through your internet connection to FaceBook. So I am pretty sure that your internet connection is good.

If the encoder has a problem and reports “way too slow” it means that the encoder isn’t fast enough to encode all the frames that mimoLive is producing. Usually this is the case if your machine don’t have a hardware encoder and needs to encode the video frames by software. You will see this if you machine needs significant more CPU if you start streaming (you can check this with the “Activity Monitor” app by Apple). This complete process is done by the Mac OSX autonomous.

My suggestion is that you try to reduce either streaming, document resolution and/or video frame rate:

  • Streaming Resolution: You can change the streaming resolution in the advanced streaming options: Click on the button at the bottom of the Streaming Setup panel. Find the “Video Size” option and change them accordingly.

  • Document Resolution: click on the clapper button on the left side of the toolbar. Find the “Size” option and put ins smaller values

  • At the same setup panel you can reduce the “Video Frame Rate” for the document.

Another option would be to get another machine with a hardware encoder chip.

I hope this helps you to solve this problem.