Facebook Live - Not Working


I am currently running memolive v. 2.0.1, and I seem to be having a hard time streaming on Facebook. I remember seeing another thread about it not working and it was stated in this thread that this was an API bug that was fixed, but I still seem to have a hard time configuring it to stream. I’d love to hear some suggestions, as I am currently still trying to figure it out.


Hi, sorry to hear about the troubles. Can you please try the latest beta: https://boinx.com/connect/mimolive/versionhistory/2.0.2b1

We hear from some people who have troubles and we think it is somehow related to their Facebook account. Do you have a second Facebook account you could try?

Best, Oliver.


Thank you for the quick reply! I have just tried out beta version 2.0.2b1, and I seem to be having the same issue. I also have tried multiple accounts; still no luck.

I was wondering if there was a possible issue with the API still that causes this error. First I start with the Facebook Assistant built-in to memolive, log in, and start streaming with the stream link. After this doesn’t work, I move directly to the stream link and stream key with no luck still. Looking at the stream status, everything seems to be in working order, but Facebook tells me everything is offline.


can you please provide some screenshots (or a screen recording) so we can understand this better? It works just fine here and we are a little unsure why it fails for you.


I figured out the issue! For some reason, the in-app browser for Facebook Connect wasn’t updating. I had to copy the Public Broadcasting URL into my browser in order to see it update. All is good!

Thanks for the support!

Thank you for sharing the solution! This will be very helpful to other people.

Our medium-term plan is to remove the need for the browser based authentication.




I’m have a similar issue. Can you tell by the video and let me know what I’m doing wrong?

Seems like it has something to do with Flash. It is all up to date. http://screencast.com/t/chYvSP2frx

Karl, Regarding the first Screencast, after configuring the stream settings, you need to switch the stream on both in mimoLive and in Facebook. In mimoLive, you have to press the button with the green radio waves symbol so that it turns red. Then, you also need to press the “Go Live” button in Facebook.

The second issue is that Flash sometimes crashes. For some odd reason, Facebook still uses Flash in that embedded web page where you configure and start the stream. To eliminate this problem, we’re currently working on an update of mimoLive that will talk directly to the Facebook streaming servers without the need for the web page.

Let me know if this helps. - Oliver.

I’m om 2.3b2 and yes, Flash crashes all the time. I just click ok and ignore that.

When I log in with my Facebook account, mimolive starts to stream at once. If I then look in the Facebook assist preview, the streaming’s just spinning! But - if I move between the tabs, from General to Landing page and back again then I can see the preview and everything seems to be working.
One more thing: if I turn of streaming and go back to check the settings in mimolive, both the ingest server code and the stream key code is compressed into the ingest field! Just seemed a bit odd…

And - if you’ll find a workaround for the assistpage I hope we’re not loosing the preview and Go Live facilities.