Facebook likes layer and potential conflict with FB rules

Are you sure to use reactions as polls?
Can you comment that fb will not ban for it?


@did Thanks for taking the time to write in your concern. We can not speak for Facebook and make promises about what’s not going to happen, but as far as we are aware, the use of reactions in live video is not generally forbidden. In fact, the document you cite states certain rules that apply if you use reactions as part of a poll, so it must generally be allowed.

Im excited to try this, I hope that Facebook comments will become visible in the software eventually but not on the video screen, i want to be able to see it as the operator or on a secondary monitor, there is no need for Facebook comments on the video screen

@joshsroka Working on this, but we think it is helpful if you could pick a comment and feature it in the video, for example, when you respond to it so that the viewers can see the post you’re referencing.

As far as I understand it, Facebook has said they don’t like the reactions being used for voting. So, “Who will win the race?” “Like for Bob, Love for Mary, Wow for Jim” is not supposed to be done. However, showing the actual reactions live should be perfectly fine