Facebook dropping

Is anyone else having the issue where Mimo says the stream is good but Facebook ends the stream, we have to stop show and restart the stream to get it back

@joshsroka What version of mimoLive are you using? This issue should not be present in mimoLive 2.8.1b4

We are using 2.8 trying to stay on the non beta

I also noticed it appears to not drop out for mobile viewers

@joshsroka That would point to a problem at Facebook rather than in mimoLive.

With “Facebook ends the stream” you mean the stream stops playing when you watch the Facebook page or does it change the post status from “is live” (with the red top left “Live” badge in the video) to “…was live” (without the red Live badge) and when you restart the stream you get a new post?

What stream settings do you use to stream to Facebook? You could try to reduce the data rate from 2500 kbps to 1000 kbps.

Could you please do a test with mimoLive 2.8.1b4?

Same issue with the beta. It seems to stop at the 25 minute mark.

@joshsroka Could you please elaborate on what “seems to stop” means? How do you tell it stops? You mentioned that it doesn’t stop for mobile viewers and mimoLive still streams to Facebook?

It continues to stream if viewed on mobile but on computers we get this error, until we stop and start again https://www.dropbox.com/s/8w6g1p1h9olduak/image005.jpg?dl=0

@joshsroka Thank you for sending the screenshot. Is the “Automatic Reconnect” count field in the mimoLive streaming status panel greater than 0?

Where is that setting? I just have a check box to enable auto reconnect and I have that checked.

is there away to get any error logs from mimolive or Facebook?

@joshsroka If you click on the little arrow to the right of the streaming button while the button is red (meaning active) the panel that usually holds the configuration settings turns into a status panel. This gives information about stream and encoder health. There is a field that gives the number of automatic reconnects that actually happened.

mimoLive gives error messages in the Console app. You can check if there are any connected to streaming.

awesome thank you, i will monitor for tomorrows stream again. Thanks

enter image description here

I took this screenshot when it stopped working on Facebook


@joshsroka The screenshot shows a perfectly healthy and working stream. So I’m a bit baffled by what goes wrong in Facebook. We do have customers doing Facebook live streams for hours on end, reporting no issues.

Could you try to reduce the stream rate to 1000 kbps instead of the 2500, please?

I think we figured it out. It appears to be the music we played going in and out of commercials was triggering Facebook to drop the feed.

@joshsroka I’m curious, was this because of rights issues with the music?

yes it appears to be a music rights issue