Facebook comments working again! but

Im happy the the facebook comments come up again even though everyone is now anonymous its better than nothing. However ill like to REQUEST that the Single comment layer be able to show up like the “Comments” layer.
First of all the single comment layer isnt great looking as is and if you were to add your own background to it and get rid of the frosted glass look that is there, it just turns into a big mess, some comments fit on the ustom background some dont fit…a big mess. The Comments layer however the smaller size comments come up so beautifully and i love that.

The Comments layer on the other hand is great looking and the options are great but if you dont want it up on screen at a particular time and it is disabled, what ever comments come in while it is disabled cannot go up on screen which i find irritating. The comments layer is great otherwise, but if the single comment layer can have an option for the smaller size look that will be amazing.

In other words @Achim_Boinx the Single Comments layer is huge and not very great looking.

Hey 203,

Have you found a way to display the names of the people commenting or is this intended?

During my tests I found out that only the account broadcasting seems to have his name displayed when commenting, anything I’m missing there?

Hi @a.martin In some cases Facebook does not allow mimoLive to see the profile information for users commenting on your stream due to privacy settings.

This really has become a nightmare. I published a document about an alternative way to show comments a while ago: Using Facebook Live Producer for comments - mimoLive - 5