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FEATURE REQUEST – Vidpresso (https://www.vidpresso.com/) is an NYC based competitor to MimoLive which is much more expensive but offers some key features that MimoLive, Wirecast etc are missing. The primary feature needed for engagement is the seamless integration of Facebook Comments into the live output. These should feature the following elements: 1)User Profile photo, 2)User Name, 3)User Comment. There should be the option to overlay this content as a lower third OR as a fullscreen insert.

WHY THIS SHOULD BE A KEY FEATURE – Both MimoLive and Wirecast feature the ability to seamlessly present Twitter content onscreen. This should have been a secondary concern to Facebook Comment integration for a few reasons. 1) Facebook is far larger and more internationally ubiquitous than Twitter, whose audience is majorly concentrated in the US, but lacks ubiquity in the EU and is largely unused in other world markets where Facebook is used widely. 2) Facebook’s growth rate both in general users as well as live video is outpacing Twitter’s by far. (http://fortune.com/2015/10/29/twitter-growth/) 3) Facebook Live’s out of the gate mobile focus allowed them to catapult ahead of YouTube in the live video race leaving YT to play catch up (http://usat.ly/2llGUo3). 4) Larry King LIVE – Yep. It’s a very old school reference, but it makes the point well. Larry King began as a live radio show into which listeners could call to participate in the content. When he moved to TV he kept this model and it remained a key aspect of his success throughout his long career. This is the essence of audience engagement. And it should happen organically across multiple streaming platforms starting with the largest first: Facebook, YouTube, etc. Having the majority of your audience be on Facebook, yet only a minority watching on Twitter can participate in the content is an obvious disconnect.

If a small, smart start-up like Vidpresso can offer this feature (as they have been for the last 8 months at the time of this writing), then surely MimoLive, with the support of a much larger team behind it, can too? Is this planned? Is there an ETA? I am in the process of developing a new weekly live show for a major network which has a major budget behind it. We’d rather spend the money more on content than software. But our decision hinges on key engagement features such as this. Polling is another, but I will post that as a separate question/request.

Thanks for your time reading and responding to my inquiry. MfG

@"-- j.®ay" Thank you for taking the time to make this excellent pitch. Of course, Facebook comments are on our list. We just haven’t figured out the best way to do it yet.

Oliver (Boinx), can you give the time frame for us about adding Facebook comments? We are going live in a month and are in a search of software. Your product really stands out. But we also critically need FB comments! Looking forward to your reply!



I am very interested in this function. Concerning the integration, it could be done on the same format as the comments of twitter. This is an excellent method. Do you have any idea when this feature will come out?

Like aj.®ay I think it is very important

Waiting to hear from you


@“Oliver (Boinx)” have you a news for this function ?


@“Oliver (Boinx)” You don’t respond about my question ?

Wait your news
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