External editor for images - how?

In the FotoMagico Preferences, General, there is an option to choose an External Editor for Images. I’ve chosen Photoshop CS5. Cool, but – how do I tell FotoMagico to call the editor?

It isn’t in the dropdown in the Image pane of the Inspector; it isn’t in the context menu for the image in the timeline. Double-clicking the image doesn’t call the editor, the way it does in Adobe Bridge. The only way I can figure to edit an image is to go out to the Finder (or Bridge), get the file to open in CS5, save it, and then do Replace Image with itself. There must be another way…?

If you right-click on the image in Fotomagico’s image browser, it gives you the option to open it in your specified external editor.

Uh-huh! Thank you. But… that still means calling the editor on the image in the folder. So I do that, and update it in the folder – that doesn’t alter the image in the timeline. I still have to replace the timeline image with the folder copy, right?

Yes… I think so. I agree it would seem more logical to be able to edit the version in the project.