Exporting my slideshow to a Potable Harddrive

Hi there - I have just upgraded to Fotomagico 4.3 - I am a wedding photographer and I want to export my slideshow onto a portable harddisk so that my clients can play it on a mac or a windows pc. My question is that I am not sure which of the ‘Share’ options I should use - on my old version there was the facility to us ‘HD’ but that seems to have disappeared in this version.

Can someone help and advise which 'share ’ option is best for what i want to do.

Also, on opening version 4.3 I was advised by the software to uninstall Perian.component & DivXDecoder.component - I’m not very good at this stuff - presumably this will not present me with problems once these two components have been uninstalled and secondly where do I find them to uninstall them. Thanks for any help you can give.

  1. I would suggest the “AppleTV” export which exports your slideshow in High Quality in Mpeg-4 codec which also should run on a windows machine. Select “AppleTV3”, “HD 1080p” and “30 fps” as your export options in the export sheet. Uncheck “Send to iTunes” becaus you want to setup your destination manually in the next export step.

  2. regarding Perian and DivXDecoder: Please run the SandboxCleaner app ( https://itunes.apple.com/app/sandboxcleaner/id597424370?ls=1&mt=12 ) which have some instruction on each component and a “reveal in Finder” button to get to the installation location.