Exporting for apple photos and sharing

I am using the 14 day free trial and have a question. ON the free trial version, I cannot seem to find where I export the slideshow or save the slideshow in any format except .fms

Is this true for the subscription version as well? One of my goals is to create these slideshows and be able to view them through Apple Photos and share them in a family sharing album (for grandparents, etc). Can this be done? Am I just limited in the 14 day free trial version ? Please help me decide.

Go to the “Share” menu and use one of the assistants to export the slideshow as a .mov or .mp4 video file.

As for the 14 day trial period. Once the trial period is over and you choose not to subscribe, you will still be able to open and play all slideshows that you created during the 14 day trial period. Without the subscription FotoMagico basically acts as a free player for existing slideshows.However you will not be able to create and edit NEW slideshows without a subscription license.