Exporting edited video clips from Lightroom 4

I’ve been trying to use video clips edited in LR4. However, the export options are either (1) original format - which are not the edited versions, but are in Quicktime format and will play bak in FM, or (2) H264 - which are the edited versions, bit won;'t play back in FM.

Can anyone please offer any guidance?

Thanks very much

This sounds unusual. Can you please send us a small movie file which make this kind of trouble? Please send it to support(at)boinx.com with reference to this forum post. We want to check with your data to make sure we can reproduce this problem. Thank you!

Thanks Achim. I’ve just emailed you a 7 second H264 .mp4 clip as requested. It won’t play back in Fotomagico.

Too big - but a 4 second version appears to have gone.

We got the file, thank you! The issue is reproducible. The developer will have a closer look.

In the mean time. I realized that the file is encoded with a AVC codec. Can you try to re-encode the file to a different codec?

This is what you get from the standard LR4 H264 export. Unfortunately, it doesn’t give you any options to change codec. I’ll have a play with Adobe Media Encoder to see what hat can achieve, bit that rather defeats the point. What I (and many others) would like to do is to use edited clips generated from LR4 in an FM project. Appreciate your help here - thanks.

Just emailed you the same clip encoded to H274 .mp4 with the Main Concept codec in Adobe Media Encoder. Still can’t get it to play with FM…

The problem with the clip you sent us is that the file can’t be loaded by QuickTime. We are using QuickTime to playback any kind of video media and if QuickTime can’t play it, we can’t either. Unfortunately the QuickTime Player X is able to play your clip while the old QuickTime Player 7 has trouble with it. The error message we got is that the file contains a wrong media sample length and QuickTime refuses to play it back. I am sorry, but I think we can’t do anything about it rather than to re-encode the file that way that the file don’t contain this wrong value.

Ah ha - so it’s the difference between QT Player 7 and 10. Now I understand - thanks. Hopefully FM4 will use the more up to date QT version.

In the meantime, what the the best video encode settings for use with FM3.x?


Hi. Any update on this? FM4 still has real problems playing back video exported from Lightroom (now 5). Are you still using W=Quicktime 7?

I’ve just seen that the video clip will play using the Quick Look feature - just not on the timeline or in the storyboard. I would be very interested in your thoughts on this. Thanks very much. Julian

Thanks for reporting your findings! I just tested it with the beta version 4.4b2 and it still don’t run (actually it causes big trouble…) . If you want to test on your own, please download the FotoMagico 4.4b2 from here (PLEASE NOTE: This is beta software, DONT USE IT with your actual project files!)


QuickLook in FotoMagico is exactly the same as the QuickLook in Finder: We are just telling the Finder to “quick look” the movie file, thats why its working in FotoMagico.

However, I forwarded your movie to the developer again, so that they will have a look at it again.

Thanks for this Achim

By the way - what else is in Beta 4,4b2 please?

From the Version History:

Version 4.4b2 - September, 2013

  • (new) FotoMagico 4.4 is now 64bit compatible on OS X Mountain Lion and newer.
  • (new) FotoMagico now uses AVFoundation instead of QuickTime for movie playback when running on OS X Mountain Lion and newer. This helps to make movie playback much smoother and reduces stuttering.
  • (new) Sharing slideshows has been completely rewritten using AVFoundation. Sharing is now faster and more reliable.
  • (change) Since AVFoundation doesn’t offer all the codecs that QuickTime had, some export options had to be removed.
  • (change) Since AVFoundation doesn’t offer all the codecs that QuickTime had, some legacy movie files need to be converted to more modern formats. FotoMagico will offer to do this conversion automatically, but you can also do this by yourself in an external application.
  • (change) The option to encrypt image files in s standalone player has been moved from the Debug Preferences to the Sharing Assistant.
  • (new) If an audio file is too short a shaded red area at the end of an audio item now warns you.
  • (new) Looped audio now has dashed divider lines whenever a new loop starts.
  • (new) Pressing the C key while scrubbing in the Timeline cuts a slide at the playhead. This is especially useful to cut long video clips into shorter segments. The parts that are not needed can then be selected and deleted.
  • (fix) Exported slideshows now display the correct colors, i.e. they look the same in QuickTime Player as they did in FotoMagico.
  • (fix) The ‘Match slide durations to audio’ command has been rewritten to be much more versatile.
  • (fix) Some transition used to display with reduced resolution. This has been fixed.
  • (fix) Pasting Geometry onto multiple slides now works again.
  • (fix) Antialiasing of image and movie edges is now a bit smoother. Edges of titles are no longer antialiased (since it’s not necessary anyway).
  • (fix) Waveforms and audio markers for looped audio is now displayed correctly.
  • (fix) A bug that caused export of slideshows with complex audio arrangements to fail has been fixed.
  • (fix) Audio in the Custom Video export is now handled correctly.
  • (fix) Saving and loading of presets in the Custom Video export now works correctly.
  • (fix) Albums and smart albums inside an Aperture project are now correctly displayed in the media browsers.
  • (fix) The Demo slideshow was updated to be compatible with AVFoundation.
  • (fix) Transitions now work correctly on Macs with two graphics cards.
  • (fix) Preparing the teleprompter for the Demo slideshow now works again.
  • (fix) A visual glitch when moving a document window from one screen to another (on dual screen Macs) has been fixed.
  • (fix) Various small fixes.