Exported slideshow too big for screen

MY 13” Macbook Pro has a screen resolution of 2560x1600.

Wen I export (Share) to a Standalone Player the playback fits in the screen. But when I export to Youtube… the playback is too large for the screen - even though the exported resolution is supposed to be 1280x720.

I want to use the Youtube file on my computer so that I can use Plex to transmit the slideshow wirelessly to the TV. (I change the file extension from .M4V to .MP4.)

Can someone tell my why a show exported to 1280x720 won’t fit on a 2560x1600 screen??

Here’s the difference between the display of a Standalone App and a show exported to Youtube:


@“Dave Yuhas” Thank you for using FotoMagico.

The issue is that your slideshow has a different aspect ratio (16:10) than the exported video (16:9). To fill the screen, your video is cut off at the top and the bottom.

There are two ways to deal with this:

  1. Change the aspect ratio of your slide show to 16:9 prior to exporting
  2. Select “Letterboxing” when exporting. In this case, instead of cutting the slideshow off at the top and bottom, a black frame will be added left and right.

While YouTube would accept other aspect ratios than 16:9, if you play back the YouTube video, letterboxing would be added by YouTube.