Export to Stand alone player

I exported my project to a stand alone player. Now I have two issues. The first, my project file disappeared - once I exported the project. Maybe this is normal? However, I am at a BIG loss, I can not reopen the project for edits. It seems that I will have to recreate my entire project. Please let me know if I have lost the project for good.

Second, my stand alone player of the project is not working for my client. My client is using OS 10.5 and it is saying not compatible. I choose to have it play 50 times, will the stand along player on my machine be limited too?

FYI: the stand alone file (Get Info)
Kind: Application (Universal)
Version 3.7.6
Copyright: Boinx FotoMagico Player, Copyright ©2004-2009 IMAGINE GbR
Konner Senior 2011.app

The standalone player files are not 10.5. compatible due to technical reasons. You can use the HD export instead.

For the missing file, please rename it in the finder to “filename.fms” and try to open it in FotoMagico again, this should be fine.

Rudolf, I was able to rename the file and get back the project, thank you. I was sweating that. As for the standalone player. I was sold the software -it had that great feature. What is going on?

I like your software, but, it seems that I can not locate a complete user manual? Just like the renaming of the filename to recover my project. Is a user manual available?

The renaming is no “official” feature, so you would not have found this if there would be a written manual book anyway. The problem is that we are updating the software constantly and a manual would be outdated within weeks. But there is the help function as well as the FAQ on our websites, and various tutorials on YouTube etc. created by customers.

My mistake, the standalone player shold run on 10.5, please contact us via support@boinx.com because this is not the right place for deeper analysis/support…