Export to DVD "failed"

I’m trying to “share as DVD” and just before it is done, I get Export failed. I have tried selecting Toast and none in the options but still fails. I exported this same slideshow a few months ago and it worked fine. I made changes to the order of the slides and now I keep getting errors on export to DVD. It does work to export/share as standalone player. I’m using a MacBookPro running Mountain Lion, Fotomagico is up to date along with all my system software.

Thanks, for any help, Keith

same with me, tried DVD and Apple3 TV export, both with same errors
best regards da_woife

I rebuilt the slideshow from the beginning, and unchecked high quality. I also used FotoMagico 4 Beta and it worked fine. Also I noticed the final DVD’s video quality seemed much better than FotoMagico 3. Where there improvements to export quality to DVD in FM4? Thanks!

OK I tried fmexport but it failed for some reason so downloaded in FF and finally got it to work but still mystified as to why safari can flag it to fail at random!

@tomcoady: I think you are referring to the problem that the “downloaded-from-somewhere” quarantine flags for the actual export application within FotoMagico application bundle isn’t removed by the MacOS-X system. The result of this issue is that FotoMagico can’t start the export process at all. Some customer reported that downloading with Safari didn’t work, but with other web browsers this issue was solved. Currently we don’t have evidence that different browsers work differently here and we are still puzzled why this happens at all.