Export the show in a mpeg format


Coming from the pc world, I’ve just bought an iMac. I use to work with proshow to make my slideshow, export it on an external hardisk to display it on TV with a WD media player.
I haven’t bought a slideshow maker yet, in the manual, I haven’t seen how to export a file in a mpeg format?
Thank you

I don’t have the definitive answer, but the Share menu shows several options - it looks like most of those options (YouTube, Vimeo, iPhone, iPad, AppleTV, and iDVD) get exported in the .m4v format. The Custom Video selection adds .mov and .mp4 as options.

At least in theory.

In my very limited experience, I have not yet been able to get ANY of the Share (export) to video options to work. So far, my requests for Help have not been very productive.

The Standalone player works great and makes a beautiful slideshow when viewed on your iMac; but if your major goal is to export to video for non-computer viewing, you first might want to see if you can do what you want to do with a trial version.

Thank you

I should add that my previous inability to export video has now been resolved by the FotoMagico support team, so the software now works as expected. I made 2 exports of my 12-13 minute slideshow, one using the iPad option (.m4v), and the other via the Custom video option (.mov). I think they look pretty good at 1280 × 720 on my computer; I haven’t tried to view them on my TV yet.