Export slide show in mov.file format in Beta 1.9

Since I could deal with most of my existing FM 5 slide shows in the FM 6 Beta environment without any major issues, I’ve tried to export an fms.file to produce a mov.file enabling me to share a slide shows. The export took longer as actually working on FM 5, but export finished correctly. The generated mov.file is fine so far except if any of the features like “Splitscreen” is used

any 1:1 relation (one picture per slide) is ok, including the new sections using the Maps Assistant.

Since the first trial was done with a Big Sur based FM6, I’ve did another test with FM6 running on a Catalina (10.15.6). The results are the same, i.e no difference caused by the based OS system.

Working on FM 6 b2.4 the problem with exporting a show still exists. The same show exported as a 4K mov. or mp4 file is ok, but using specs for a Full HD export will result with the problems regarding collages (i.e intro, split screens, effects).

As already stated, with b28 this issue is fixed. Full HD and 4 K mov. or mp4.files are exported fine without any problems.