Export size...

I want to create a MP4 film from a sequence of about 200 equirectangular images 5292x2646px (1:2) in order to upload a 360° Youtube video. The export size must be as large as 5292x2646 because its a 360° video (timelapse). Can FotoMagico 4 do it ? I’m on Mac OS X 10.8.5.
Also the default import for image has to be 0,5s and default transition 0,2s applied on all images at one time.
Is this possible ?

Hi Blipo, Thank you for your interest in FotoMagico. It can certainly handle stage sizes this big and you can set the duration and transition of all slides at the same time. However, we’ve never actually tried it that way. I suggest you download the last FotoMagico 4 version from https://boinx.com/connect/fotomagico/versionhistory and give it a try using a couple of images instead of the full 200. When you’re satisfied with the export, note that FotoMagico 4 is no longer for sale, but if you contact sales@boinx.com we’ll make sure to get you a FotoMagico 4 license if you purchase a FotoMagico 5.

Hi Oliver,
Thanks for your fast response. Unfortunately, the version 4 is not in demo mode : the “install” button stays greyed.

Blipo, Please contact sales@boinx.com, we’ll send you a trial license key.


I’ve got temporary registration key with the sales department. Thanks.
…But I had to register many times because the software quitted.
Then I could open it, put my images, set the image duration, set the transition duration, set the export size to the desired size (I had a warning - little triangle - near the settings summary) and exported the film… but the film could not open (144kb instead of 10Mb). Quicktime said that the file was corrupted. So I rebooted the Mac and each time I tried to open Fotomagico, the software crashed. I’ve downloaded again, reinstalled…and it was the same. Maybe I should delete the prefs file, but I don’t know where it is.

I can send you the system error log file.



@Blipo Can you send us the FotoMagico project file with your settings and some of your images? I think it’s not a problem of your machine or system rather than FotoMagico itself and I want to test it.