Export/Share to GIF please!

What I really need is to be able to export my work from FotoMagico to animated GIF. There are times when an animated GIF is the only solution. When I export out to a .mov file and then try to convert that to an animated GIF, the files are too large to work with.

Animated GIFs are making a strong comeback! What I want to do is make a huge animated GIF 2800 pixels wide of a circular looping panorama. I can put that in the “outside background” of a website, you know, the area of internet space outside the website itself. Everyone has static images, why? So I will center the website and have this panorama going on with the rest of the browser. The wider I make the browser, the more we can see this animated panorama.

Meanwhile I am trying to figure out how to do this all via Adobe’s Creative Cloud, but wow, it is tough to figure out! I’m just working with one image, but it is a lot of work.

All I have at the moment is the license for FotoMagico 2 and using the demo of 4. If I can get some favorable results with the demo, I will be upgrading. (But I have a feeling that this can be done within PS CS6 and kick out a native GIF. I just haven’t figured it out yet.)

Like I stated in the other post, I am not sure if FotoMagico is the right Tool for that. Animated GIFs can only compact if the content isn’t changing much over time. If you are panning across an image, that means that there can’t be any inter-frame compression. Therefor the GIF will contain each frame as a single GIF file. Did you think about HTML5? I am sure, there a better ways (in terms of image quality) to scroll horizontally over a JPEG than using an animated GIF.

Hello Achim! Yes indeed HTML5 is the answer! Now the problem is for the web browsers catching up with the newest technologies! I’m going to get what I need done in Adobe’s Edge Animate. This is my mockup so far: http://wwwhyyy.com/edge/4/try4d.html The only browser that I’ve found to play this correctly at the moment is FireFox and Camino, not Chrome or Safari! This is just less than 1.5 MB on the net! Very cool!

@Rgator: Actually on my system (10.7.5) the Chrome and Safari showing exactly the same result. I am sure you will figure it out!

Yeah, since I know nothing about code and very little about animating, it will take some work on my part, but I will make it happen! Thanks!

Works for me on Safari as well (OSX 10.8.4, Safari 6.0.5) – if there was a way to “stitch” the left and right edges of the photo together so it would look “seamless” you’d have it made!! That’s asking a LOT from the photo you’ve shown us, though. But I’m assuming you’re just experimenting at the moment…

Yes, experimenting at this moment, but hoping to use this for real once I get it figured out. I am thinking though it just about has to be done in Edge Animate in order to get all the animation I want to show off and not have a monster file size to deal with.