Export / share quality


I am new to FotoMagico, and I am struggling to get the quality I’m looking for when trying to make my presentation viewable for everyone on the web. Are there any special compression / quality settings that can be used to do this? I read this post:

I know Flash isn’t great and is on its way out, but I’m really looking for something right away.

The post makes it seem as if what I’m going for may not be possible, which makes it really tough to purchase the software! Since there’s no “Save As” or “Export” function, in order to make something into flash or anything else. Even when I share as QuickTime, the images look like they’ve taken a hit on the quality already.

Anyone have any solutions before I go hunting for other options out there? I really do like everything else about the software! Any input is much appreciated, thanks!


When exporting with QuickTime you have to select the “Compression: Customize” button in order to setup the video codec and compression rate to something that fits your requirements. Unfortunately there are millions of different opinions out there in the means of “what is the best video codec and compression rate for the web”.

If you don’t have pretty much experience with codecs and compression rates I would suggest that you export the video to YouTube and use their player embedded in your own website. FotoMagico is uploading the movie to YouTube in the highest quality YouTube is accepting. The user of your website can decide in which quality they want to view your slideshow.