Export for Bluray burner

My goal: best quality video for 4K OLED TV, meaning greatest gamut, resolution, and no motion defects. Tools: FM5, Toast 19 pro, Blu-ray burner, Catalina OS.

What would be the best path/protocol for me when “sharing”? I dont want to become an expect in all the lingo. My video has as input large PSD files with audio added later. Sometimes I incorporate .mov files.


I don’t have a BluRay player but my quite basic DVD player plays discs that have .mov, .mkv and .mp4 files burned into them. Check what formats your player supports, then just save your slideshows into one of those. Since your TV is 4k, your movie file should be that size too, assuming your input slides are all 2160pp.
(I actually save most of my sideshows to YouTube in 4k, since my TV has the YouTube app and I can also send a link to anyone who might be interested)