Export for AppleTV 4K

I created a slideshow with images and audio and exported using Share/AppleTV, accepting the defaults of:

Device: AppleTV 4K
Resolution 4K 2160p
Codec: H264
Framerate: 30fps

When I play the resulting .m4v file using QuickTime Player on my Mac, the slideshow plays just fine. But when I use AirPlay to play it on a LG OLED TV with AppleTV 4K, all goes well for awhile but after about 2 minutes (about Slide #20) the images stop advancing, although the audio continues to play. If I stop/start the slideshow on the Mac, the images resume changing on the TV, but “get stuck” again at intervals. When this happens, if I again start/stop the QuickTime Player, the slides resume. How can I get the slides to play continuously on the TV? Perhaps adjust the export settings somehow instead of using the defaults?

This slideshow is my 1st use of FotoMagico, so maybe I’m missing something basic. This practice slideshow runs about 8 minutes and has a 5GB filesize. My intention was to create a slideshow that is at least 30 min long.

@toadie I’m sorry to hear about the troubles and thank you for reaching out. If the .m4v plays fine on your Mac, this is most likely a problem with AirPlay rather than FotoMagico, perhaps with the Wifi network not having enough bandwidth to play the video. In which case it might help to increase the compression. Can you please check if you can play a 1080p file? This should have a much lower file size and therefore require less bandwidth and can be a good test of whether the bandwidth is the issue.

I’ve been doing additional tests of playing .m4v files on an LG OLED TV with AppleTV 4K. Instead of using AirPlay, I am now playing the .m4v files via my iTunes Library. Here are results:

1080p 25fps, iTunes
my FotoMagico slideshow plays ok, but I’d prefer to view it at the higher resolution that the TV can support.

4K 25fps, iTunes
the slideshow stalls; probably insufficient bandwidth as AppleTV tries to stream it from the cloud.

4K 15fps, iTunes
the slideshow usually plays to completion but still occasionally stalls. Also the transitions look choppy.

So then I tried copying the .m4v file to a Flash drive and playing it from the TV’s USB port.

4K 25fps, Flash drive formatted as FAT32
Slideshow plays to completion, but the Flash drive (formatted as FAT32) has a filesize limit of 4GB, limiting the length of the slideshow.

4K 25fps, Flash drive formatted as ExFAT
The LG TV does not support the ExFAT format.

Any suggestions for playing 4K slideshows with file sizes > 4GB?