"export failed" when trying to share slideshow as iPad movie

hi there,

I am trying to get the slide show I am working on to export as a iPad movie but when it gets to the end I get a “the file cannot be exported because of an internal error” message. Can you explain? I have a 35 minute show with 800 images and many songs so it is a 3g file. Is there any way to share/sell this with our clients so that they can have it on either a disk or iPad movie?


What is a 3G file?
Please make sure you are using only Quicktime compatible videos (if you are working with video files inside the slideshow) and/or iTunes compatible audio formats.

3 gigs is the size of the show when it is trying to export to the ipad movie
so when I go to “file>share and choose the iPad export” it runs through the process then quits at the end with an error message

there are no movies in the show just images

Basically I just want to be able to make a slideshow with all of the images from a wedding collection (700-800) then sell the show to my clients. It says it can’t make a DVD because the file was too big, the Quicktime movie is too small and the image quality is garbage. SO if there is anything you can suggest I would appreciate it.

Do you receive an error in iDVD? What tool are you trying to burn the DVD with? Usually your bunring software can downscale the video so it fits on a DVD, but 800 images is pretty much for a DVD, depending on the overall play duration of the show.

Rudolf, I believe the original poster is experiencing the same error I am. When we try to export our slideshow to a file using the “Share” menu option, many of the options (DVD, HD Movie, etc.) do not work. In my case I have about an 8 minute slideshow with two audio files which play fine in iTunes. All photos are .jpg files. The slideshow works perfectly in Fotomagico 3.8.4 and I did successfully get it to share a version to my Apple TV but many other formats fail with the generic “internal error” message. We can’t even get to the point where we can use Toast or iDVD, the share command is failing us. Please help.