Export chapters as snippets?

I recently posted a feature request to export/import chapters as (e.g.) fms files but have realized that the same could - theoretically - be accomplished my exporting chapters (and/or selected slides) as snippets (which are fms-files anyway).

At the moment I haven’t found a way to only save a specific set of slides as a snippet. It always saves the complete timeline. Or am I missing something?

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to e.g. select “save chapter as snippet” under the chapter options (which at the moment only include: name, notes and color)

Hi, tim1 – no, you’re not missing something. Currently when you save a snippet it saves the ENTIRE slideshow, NOT just the specific slides in question. You have to create a NEW slideshow and ONLY include the slides you want for that particular snippet and save it as a snippet file.

It’s been that way in FM 5 as well, but enough people have mentioned it over and over again that I’m sure Peter is aware of the request.

Feature request noted. Not sure when I will be able to implement it, as this is actually quite a bit of work…

Thanks, Peter. That would be cool.

Thanks Peter, and individual slides as well please.