Export 4K Video & play continuous loop

Hi all, I’m pretty new here, and could need some advice!
I will be playing my 9 min Video on a UHD screen at an exhibition.
Thought i just export it to a 32GB USB stick or so, and stick that into the TV, (which i just ordered) and hopefully the TV will have some on-board player to do the job.
Now at Export i selected Customized, 3840*2160 px, JPEG high, and was shocked that it would need over 300 GB of space! Less with JPEG compression.
So, 2 questions:
1.) what would be a good 4K export option?
2.) what device should i play it from? a media player? A Hard Drive via HDMI?
Never owned a TV (sic!), so i’m also new in that hardware field =)
thanks guys!