Excited and bewildered by NDI MimoLive connection

I have installed NDI camera app on iPhone and iPad hoping for very inexpensive extra cameras. I can see both devices with video in the Newtek NDI Video Monitor, but mimolive doesn’t see either video source. The NDI option is greyed out in the sources list. Can anyone from the Brains Trust help me out? I would so appreciate it.

@Dsal22 Thanks for using mimoLive with NDI. We are currently investigating this issue. Are you using multiple network adaptors, for example one WiFi and one Ethernet on the Mac running mimoLive?

I have a MBP on WiFi running mimoLive. There is a Mac Pro on Ethernet not running mimoLive. There is also a WiFi repeater connected in.

Before you can use NDI in mimoLive, you have to install the NDI drivers. Have you perhaps just copied the NewTek Video Monitor from your other computer?

Good point. I downloaded the NewTek NDI Tools and installed 3 of the 4 packages omitting the Adobe CC play out as I use FCPX exclusively…

OK, I’ve now installed all 4 of the packages that came with NDI Tools. Still no joy.

@Dsal22 Ok, next thing to check: Have you set up any receive groups? (Check Window->NDI Settings)

I’ve read up a little more and have since installed the NewTek NDIHX Driver for Mac but still nothing happening in mimoLive. I hadn’t occurred to me that it would be necessary to install drivers. Clearly, I’ve been spoiled by having access to so much plug ‘n play. What else could it be?

@Dsal22 Yes, it is a bit disappointing that we need to deal with drivers again. The reason for that is, like so often, a legal one related to licensing of codecs.

Just to be sure, have you checked that you have not configured receive groups in mimoLive?

@“Oliver (Boinx)” In NDI Settings: Include Local NDI Sources ( is checked and Receive Groups “customgroup0”. I presume these are default settings. I am assuming that NDI will work on just a local Wifi network, I done have a server. The fact that I get an image on the NDI Monitor suggests so.

I don’t think it is a big issue that we have to deal with drivers here. It does mean that support documents play a more important role.

@Dsal22 please remove the customgrpup0 and turn off Include Local NDI Sources.

Voila! soo simple. All good now.Thanks Oliver. I record a monthly event to disk to later send to social media. There’s no internet in the venue. My query is whether I can use iPhone as a second camera via NDI. Trouble is that there is no network there either, Do you have any thoughts on minimum setup for a temporary network that would do the job? Thanks again for you assistance. Much appreciated.