Everything SYPHON please!

I appreciate the new Screen and Window capture sources (well, Window doesn’t seem to work yet…), but we need SYPHON as a capture source too. For old Btv I’d made a Syphon quartz layer, but it wasn’t ideal to duplicate every layer with Syphon… MUCH better if Syphon can just be a capture source…

And I need Syphon because I can output high-res from Unity3D via Syphon without taking up the full screen real estate to display it.

For now, here is a trick: Download the BoinxTV Video Sender Package that was used for streaming: http://cdn.boinx.com/software/boinxtv/BoinxTV_Video-Sender.dmg
Take the BoinxTV Receiver.qtz, go to BoinxTV, go to sources, click the + icon. Select “Add media File”, now select the .qtz file. It will show up in the sources and can be used in any layer as a source

This works! Thank you!