EULA for BoinxTV

I have scoured the site trying to find a source for the EULA on BoinxTV. I see that you have matched Apple’s App Store policy for some of your products to allow installation on all PERSONALLY owned Macs, but I don’t know if this also pertains to BoinxTV purchased away from the App Store. Can you please elucidate the policy.
I want to install on two and possible three of my macs located in different areas to be used as studio. For example, one is located in a Green Screen studio set up in my house. Another is in my large hobby woodshop where I am filming YouTube How-To’s, and another for mobile operation. I don’t want to have to carry a single Mac to each location if I don’t have to. Thanks.

Our non-Appstore licenses match the Appstore policies. You can use the non-Appstore license on all machines you own.

Awesome! Thank you so much for realizing that Apple has it right! As a confessed Appleholic, I have far too many Apple devices!! LOL!