Entering purchase key

Have just purchased Fotomageco 4. Received receipt and key via email but do not seem to find anywhere to enter it. Currently Fotomageco does not appear in Applications folder, on Imac Lion, but can open it by going to download. There the download is visible and when I click it the program appears. How do I get it to install properly on the Imac and then be able to open as an Application. (Normally clean download file from time to time)

The downloaded file is the actual application. You just have to drag it from the download folder to your applications folder. If you want to keep the application in you dock then start the app, right click on the application icon in the dock and select “Options > Keep in Dock”.

Regarding the license key: Please start the application, select “Licenses…” in the “FotoMagico” menu. The licenses manager window will popup. Here you have to click on “Install License”. A sheet will drop down where you have to enter your licenses key.