End up with squeezed 1400 x 960 3 x 2 QuickTime File

In “share,” to create a final version of my 16 x 9 edit I choose the high quality DVD setting. The result is not a 16 x 9 file, but instead a squeezed 1400 x 960 3 x 2 Apple intermediate codec file. (see attached settings) I have tried this twice using both the square and elongated pixels, but still end up with a squeezed 1400 x 960 3x2 file. The other “share” settings produce a regular 16 x 9. What must I do in the DVD setting to get a standard a 16 x 9 image?

Hi, I can reproduce the issue that the anamorphic export creates a squished video in a 16:9 aspect ratio, but without anamorphic checked and high quality checked, it creates a perfectly fine 16:9 video for me.

What you can do instead (since you probably burn it with some DVD burning application like Toast anyway), export it as a ProRes 422 File in HD720p instead and let the burning application do the conversion.

You are still using FotoMagico 3.x, right? We did our tests on FotoMagico 4, what creates correct exports.